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Hand in Hand: NABU and Ducere Foundation

By Ducere Foundation on December, 23 2021
Ducere Foundation

NABU and the Ducere Foundation have partnered to bring culturally relevant and authentic literature to children across East Africa in support of NABU’s mission to eradicate illiteracy.

This is also a fundamental Sustainable Development Goal (4). Currently 250M children are leaving school without being able to read, rendering them extremely vulnerable to social and economic exploitation. 

What we have in common?

Harnessing the creative talents of local artists and illustrators, NABU publishes and distributes culturally relevant, mother-tongue children’s books on a free app globally. Ducere Foundation has published 60 collections of African Children’s Stories written by African children from across 23 African countries. Frequently African children have access to material written by non-Africans exploring topics that have no relevance to their lives. Providing children with culturally relevant stories not only helps with their ability to read and write but also supports their confidence and emotional development.

The Commitment

Ducere Foundation is licensing to NABU all of its 60 Collections to support NABU’s mission to solve the literacy crisis, so all children can read and “rise to their full potential.” As a technology enabled publisher of multilingual children’s books, NABU accelerates children’s literacy through a love of reading in their mother tongue.

Shared Solution

By adding to the stories available via the NABU APP, Ducere Foundation becomes part of the solution by increasing free culturally relevant children’s books to the growing collection, and to champion mother tongue stories. Together we can provide every child with inclusive and equitable access to literacy. 

Want to know more?

NABU Global INC:
Tanyella Evans
Executive Director

Ducere Foundation
Di Fleming AM
Executive Director

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